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The electric resistance element is a spiraled nickel-chromium (80:20) wire mounted in articulating specially designed Ceramic supports forming a flexible mat. This mat is mounted in a stainless steel shell with 3 mm thick heat insulation. The webs of this channel shell are fluted in a manner that allows it and the heating mat to flex readily to any radius. The Band is fastened by lock-up flanges integral with the shell.

The Ceramic Insulated Band Heater is particularly recommended where temperature in excess of 800 F in plastic machine assemblies, such as heater cylinders, is required. Watt density in the order of 7.2 watts per square c m is considered as maximum when used for this purpose. A more conventional rating is 6.4 watts per square c m, but any lower density can be furnished to meet the requirements of the application.

These heaters are manufactured to specification only. Diameters may be specified from 25.4 mm ID and larger in any fractional increments -- widths from 37 mm up in 12 mm increments. Since several sizes of ceramic supports are used to accommodate varying heat loads, thickness varies from 11 to 16 mm. Holes for temperature control instruments (or for clearance) can be provided in the body of the heater or provision made at split line connection may be screw type terminals, with or without terminal covers, flexible lead wires with or without armor, or Twist Lock Plug. Unless otherwise specified, screw type terminals are furnished. Any conventional line voltage may be specified, single or multiple circuits.

  The Hot Facts
           Maximum Production
           Higher Operating Temperatures
           Completely Flexible -- quickly and easily installed -- No precison adjustments
           Unaffected by expansion and contraction of part being heated
           Fast Heat -- Up
           Long Life

  Special Design
The ceramic insulated heater can also be supplied in various designs (rectangular etc) and variations to the 360 cylindrical band.

While Ordering Ceramic Insulated Band Heaters...
Please Specify the following:
   Inside diameter of Heater Band (or the outside diameter of the part around which the heater is to fit)
   Width (frequently referred to as "length")
   Type of line connection (ie Screw Terminals, Flexible Leads etc)
  Opening beween lock-up flanges (standard gap is approximately 10 mm). A larger opening might be      required if temperature control instruments etc are to be inserted at this point.
  If any clearance holes or cut-outs are required in the body of the heater, the size and location      (preferably by sketch)

           Heat sealers, Hot plates, Laminators
           Hot meltadhesive tanks

           Ceramic Band Heaters are used in Melting Processes
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