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A practical method for applying heat to cylindrical forms Mica Insulated Band Heaters were manufactured in India by navbharat electrical industries in 1950's at a time when automatic machine moulding of plastic was introduced in India. They have since proven themselves as a dependable method of heat transfer for diverse industrial

  Indicative illustration of Features
   Standard Mica Band Heater:Die & Vessel Heating upto 200°C .Plug in Socket Arrangement.
   Cross Head Heaters: Special Cut, Extruder Special.
   Outer Clamp for Element
     Extra Clamp
     Uniform Heating
   Screw Terminal in Cover Box
     Easy to Connect
     Protects Termination

Bands to any width:
   Two Halves (with Screw Terminal)
   Rectangular Band Heater
   290° Coverage Band - Made as per requirement
   Hexagonal Band (with flexible leads) Any Type and shape Custom make
   Electric Resistance Type Heaters for dependable service must be properly designed, and employ quality    componentsand workmanship. navbharat electrical industries's Mica Insulated Band Heaters are designed to meet    customer's requirements by experienced and consist basically of properly selected nickel-chrome resistance ribbon    type wire, evenly distributed over the heating area, insulated by properly selected high grade Mica and encased in    a metal sheath. These components result in a relatively thin unit, approximately 2 mm thick, and form a heater    which responds quickly to control and will operate at maximum efficiency.

   Mount Band on cylinder and secure with lock-up screws.
   With the aid of mallet, make certain that the entire heater area is adjusted uniformally to cylinder surface.
   Tighten lock-up screws again to take up any looseness in fitness.
   After the first or second heatrun, repeat step 2 and 3 to take up looseness that may have developed.
     Note: If areas of visible heat show up, they result from poor contact of heater of cylinder . Repeat step 2 and 3.

Mica Insulated Heaters accomplish, as nearly as possible, direct transfer of heat by conduction from the electric element to the machine part being heated. When firmly and smoothly mounted to ensure uniform pressure over the heating area, they provide effective and quick heat transfer and give dependable service.
Practical Watt Density (Watts/Inch² of heating area, based on multiplying the inside diameter dimension of the Band * 3.14 * the width of the Band) varies with the conditions under which heater is intended to operate.
Navbharat electrical industries considers 4 W/cm² in a single band as a normal maximum for the overall sizes or limited to whatever wattage is required to develop temperatures of the material being heated in a machine part to the 550°F classification. Speaking generally, service life is directly proportinal to Watt Density -- the lower the Watt Density, the longer the service life when properly installed. For higher Watt densities or for developing higher temperatures see our Ceramic Insulated Band Heaters.

  Standard Design Specification
Mica Insulated Band Heaters can be furnished for diameters and widths from 12 mm up in any fractional increments. Standard construction furnished, unless otherwise specified, is a one-piece (single split) band heater with rust-resistant steel sheath flanged lock-up, with choice of Screw Terminals, Aplliance Pins, Flexible Leads 30 cm long, Watt rating as required and for any line voltage under 440, single phase.

Optional Design Variations
Body Design :
* Two-halves Seperate * * Two-halves Hinged
(Note : In these two designs each half is stamped with the Watt rating for which it's made; the total rating being the sum of the two halves)
Holes or cut-outs for control instruments and/or clearance. Circuits dual voltage, two circuits equally distributed; in separate areas or on separate planes. Three phase 440 or higher volts.

Line connections:
   Screw Terminals
   Appliance Pins
   Flexible Leads   Sheath - Stainless Steel MS Bross navbharat electrical industries' production is geared to provide the design, size, material and operating specification required for customers' application. Once your specification is established, it becomes a permanent part of our records and may be duplicated at will. The Mica Insulated Heaters can also be supplied in various design configuration.

How to order Mica Insulated Band Heaters?
Please Specify the following:
  • Inside diameter of Heater Band (best determined by measuring the outside diameter of the part around which the heater is to fit)
  • Whether One-piece Band, Two-halves Separate or Two-halves Hinged
  • Type of line connection ie Screw Terminals, Appliance Pins, Flexible Leads, (if the latter, how long and if in armor) or Twist Lock
  • Location of the above, unless otherwise specified, will be in the center-near and and on one side of the lock-up flange
  • Opening beween lock-up flanges. A larger opening might be required if temperature control instruments etc are to be inserted at this point
  • If any clearance holes or cut-outs are required in the body of the heater, the size and location (preferably by sketch)
  • Watts (if Two-halves Separate or Two-halves Hinged are ordered, please note that navbharat electrical industries stamps each half with Watt Rating for which it's made. The total rating being the sum of two halves)
  • Volts

           Heat sealers, Hot plates, Laminators
           Hot meltadhesive tanks
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